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Mythos is about the suggestion of things (ideas, stories) beyond the “facts” of the photograph. I am especially interested in the idea that what “meets the eye” or camera lens, as the case may be, is a fraction of what exists in support of the scene. I have the sense that far more exists in the “darkness,” both literal and figurative, in which all things are imbedded; that the universe is more darkness than light; that when we experience something brought forward into the light it is the tip of a proverbial iceberg.

Mythos pursues the primordial and pre-conscious nature of our perceptive interaction with the physical. The subject of each image is emerging from, or perhaps sinking into, an inky, liquid, blackness. The subject is only the clue to what lies beyond. A window is opened to the infinite and ineffable.

Cosmic Fabric

Moon Fruit

Evil Twin

What We Know

The Universe Is Flat

Planetary Vibe

Alas Poor Yorick

Venus and Eros on the Lam

Cosmic Ejaculation


Eye of God

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